The Cambrian

Cal Poly professor to speak Aug. 10 at Forest Committee

Sarah Bisbing, a Cal Poly professor studying Cambria’s Monterey pine forest, will speak at the Cambria Forest Committee’s 6:30 p.m. Aug. 10 meeting at Rabobank. The public is welcome.

Bisbing directs her students in research across Cambria, evaluating the effects of the drought and disease on the forest. Her research can help guide policies to keep the forest healthy. A healthy forest is less likely to catch fire.

She and her students have set up a permanent plot network at Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, on Covell Ranch and at Rancho Marino. They use a system to check on the trees and follow how the forest ecosystem changes over time. Recent research shows mature and senescent (old) trees dying, but new trees sprouting despite the drought.

Data compiled into graphs is posted on the Forest Committee’s website at

Cal Fire is removing dead trees from the forest to reduce the amount of fuel available for a fire, to protect the community.

The public is invited to bring questions and participate in the discussion.