The Cambrian

Cell tower on Park Hill hits a snag

Cellphone coverage on Park Hill may not improve as soon as hoped.

Permits for a Verizon cellular communication tower project, already constructed in a county right-of-way area near Whitehall Avenue and Dorset Street, have been suspended because the project as built didn’t comply with county codes and the approved land use and construction permit.

According to an email sent June 23 by county planner Airlin Singewald to various county and other officials, the project appears to have at least six violations, among them: Height of the equipment pad is lower, equipment cabinets are taller, and steps are steeper than shown in construction drawings and subsequently approved; a wood retaining wall and steps are prohibited in county right-of-way areas; there’s apparently a potential for significant drainage and erosion; and there are problems with jumper wires, cables and a wood guard rail.

The issue was to have been discussed at the Cambria Fire Safe Focus Group meeting Wednesday, July 13, because it involves the ability for emergency personnel to communicate during crises.