The Cambrian

Red Cross to distribute emergency preparedness packets in Cambria

With a fierce fire season already blanketing parts of the Western U.S. with wildland blazes, it’s more important now than ever for people to be aware and prepared, according to Cambria officials juggling the hazards of drought and a native Monterey pine forest laced with many dead and dying trees.

Red Cross volunteers working in teams of two will fan out in some Cambria neighborhoods from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, June 25, to distribute emergency-preparedness packets to residents.

The “Preparedness Canvassing Event” packets will include a variety of information on wildfires, escape plans, preparedness kits and more.

Neighborhoods targeted first could include areas that were the focus of a recent multiagency fire drill held in Cambria on May 5. Those areas include upper Lodge Hill and Strawberry Canyon, Lodge Hill parallel to Fiscalini Ranch Preserve and Pineknolls.

Among those who could be contacted are residents along Burton, Pineridge and Hillcrest drives; Warren Road; Victoria, Manor and Greystone ways; Iva Court; and Tipton, Trenton, Northhampton and Suffolk streets.

If time allows, other areas could be included in the contact/distribution area.