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Cambria Drum Corps returns

Drum roll please! The Cambria Drum Corps is back, with rehearsals at 3:45 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.

For now, ArtBeat and the Lions Foundation are coordinating the Corps relaunch, according to ArtBeat’s Kate Hepworth.

Most of the 45-minute rehearsal sessions will be held at the Veterans Memorial Building, 1000 Main St. However, when scheduling clashes intervene, the Corps will move that day’s rehearsal to the Palmer Building, 820 Main St. (as is the case Thursday, June 23, because of the Cambria Community Services District Board of Directors meeting).

Hepworth said the summer rehearsal schedule is to prepare Corps members for Pinedorado and the upcoming Coast Union High School football season.

Anyone from sixth grade through adult can apply to participate in the Corps, which teaches rudimentary rhythm and drumming techniques. No experience is necessary; these are donation-based classes.

Corps alumni and others with experience are welcome, of course.

Corps directors are Jeff Mar, Shirley Kirkes-Mar, Tom Brown and Dan O’Neill, the former Coast Unified School District music teacher affectionately nicknamed “Mr. O.”

Hepworth said, “Drum/percussion culture is very much on the move here in Cambria.”

ArtBeat will host a drum circle at the Cambria Historical Museum starting Friday, June 24. The Bucketeers will resume their sessions this fall at the memorial building,

For details, call Hepworth at 805-314-0886 or email her at