The Cambrian

Magnitude-3.3 quake, aftershock hit west of Cayucos

A magnitude-3.3 earthquake and a subsequent smaller temblor briefly rattled some areas of the North Coast about 12:15 p.m. Tuesday, May 24, but at least some of those closest to the temblors didn’t seem to feel them.

Initial reports on showed the first quake happened about 8.25 miles west of Cayucos, at a depth of about 2.6 miles. The second temblor about a half hour later registered a magnitude of 2.5, centered fractionally deeper.

According to postings on social media and phone calls to The Cambrian, while some people in Cambria and Cayucos felt the quake, others did not.

For instance, when The Cambrian contacted employees of several businesses in downtown Cayucos, they said they hadn’t felt the quake, nor had they heard anything about it. However, several Cambrians and Cambria business people said they’d felt the brief, sharp quake that some of them described as “weird.”

At press time, no injuries or damage had been reported to the Sheriff’s Office or the Cambria Fire Department.