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Marine sanctuary honors San Simeon’s Cashen

Cubby Cashen is seen on his bike at San Simeon Cove.
Cubby Cashen is seen on his bike at San Simeon Cove.

San Simeon Cove at Hearst State Beach is a very special place to both our local community and more than 50,000 visitors who come to fish from the pier, spend a day on the beach, learn about nature, look for whales or walk to San Simeon Point.

Located within Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS), the cove is also critical habitat for hundreds of species of marine mammals, birds and fish, and is home to the Coastal Discovery Center and Sea for Yourself Kayak Outfitters. Both groups work to foster stewardship and to educate visitors through public programs and kayak tours.

To locals, Sea For Yourself Kayak shop owner Cubby Cashen is known as the go-to person for weather and surf conditions; expert on how to get in and out of the water without flipping, and frequent Facebook poster of seasonal wildlife.

In addition, Cubby has provided water assist to many an inexperienced kayaker, and has been a first responder to injured birds and mammals in collaboration with Pacific Wildlife Care and the Marine Mammal Center.

In recognition of all he does, Cashen recently received an Outstanding Stewardship Award from Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Over the past six years, Cubby has been a model sanctuary steward who inspires awe for the natural world while teaching respectful wildlife viewing practices.

Thank you, Cubby Cashen.

Carolyn Skinder is the Southern Region program coordinator for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.