The Cambrian

Cambria’s community Thanksgiving meal feeds 650

More than 650 people shared their holiday at a community dinner on Thanksgiving, thanks to a cadre of volunteers who provided, cooked and served the free meals, plus setting up, decorating and cleaning up.

According to chef/organizer Daun Putney, her crew served a lot more meals-to-go this year, perhaps because, “for a lot of people who work in the hospitality/customer service industries, that was the only way their families could have Thanksgiving dinner with them.”

Also, 30 of the meals were delivered to shut-ins who couldn’t join the party in person.

Those who dined at the Veterans Memorial Building were surrounded by community members and visitors, sharing lots of laughter, conviviality and conversation with their meals. Live entertainment was provided by the Villaver family and Maryann and Ames Anderson’s group, “Simple Pleasures.”

This was Putney’s ninth year at the helm of the free community meal. She said Tuesday, Dec. 1, that she and her core crew members continue to refine their methods and offerings. “Overall,” she said, “I’d say that this year’s dinner was very successful. I’ve heard nothing but kudos.”

Among the meal’s sponsors and donors were Cambria Vineyard, Calvary Chapel, Community Presbyterian and Santa Rosa Catholic churches, Cookie Crock Market, Creekside Gardens Café, Robin’s Restaurant, Manta Rey Restaurant, Mission Country Disposal, Taylor Rentals, Linn’s Fruit Bin, Cambria Coffee Roasting Company, Cambria 4-H and others.

Kathe Tanner