The Cambrian

North Coast Advisory Council supports recycling center

A recycling center at the north side of Tamson Drive should be allowed to remain there as a recycle collection site, according to a unanimous vote of North Coast Advisory Council on Nov. 18.

Council members will recommend to county planning that the center’s application for an “as built” permit be approved. That permit would allow the facility to remain in operation about 300 feet from the intersection of Tamson and Knollwood Circle. Days and hours of operation would be Tuesdays through Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

At a collection site, recycled materials are removed regularly from the site in essentially the same condition in which people deposited them.

Through recent negotiations, some changes have been made to the center’s procedures. For instance, the operators no longer crush glass or aluminum cans at the site, a noise-creating process that has annoyed neighbors higher on the hillside. Because of this change, according to code enforcement officers, a 500-foot buffer zone wouldn’t be needed between the center and the homes, as the center would no longer be a “recycling processing center.”