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Cambria prepares for Halloween costume capers

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, which likely will delight partiers who can celebrate longer (but who still must turn back their clocks by an hour the next morning … Daylight Saving Time officially ends at 2 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 1).

Weekend-long merriment also adds a level of concern to law enforcers and first responders who’ll be on alert for the possibility of more incidents, accidents, broken laws and traffic-safety issues than might have been the case during weekday events.

According to officials from the Sheriff’s Office, CHP and the state’s Office of Traffic Safety, everybody should be extra wary when driving on Halloween, with trick-or-treaters of all ages out and about, often in the dark and frequently not paying as much attention to vehicles as they should. Adult celebrants who plan to imbibe should designate a sober driver ahead of time, or make alternate transportation plans.

Festivities for kids

Two Halloween celebrations for youngsters will happen a day early this year, on Friday, Oct. 30:

▪ To see Cambria Grammar School’s annual Halloween parade, members of the public should be at the 3223 Main St. campus about 1 p.m.

Carpooling is recommended, as parking availability will be limited by the parade’s staging from the upper lot).

Children can wear costumes for the half-hour parade, but they don’t have to do so. Students who don’t participate in Halloween activities will be provided with other entertainment.

Visitors are encouraged to wear costumes and, if they wish, bring little trinkets or individually wrapped candies for each child. There currently are 282 students enrolled.

▪ A second parade starts at 3:30 p.m. Friday, when costumed children and youth will parade through West Village, led (as usual) by the Village Wizard (Rick Bruce). Young parade participants must be accompanied by parents or guardians. The event usually draws about 150 youngsters of all ages, according to organizer Norma Casas.

Paraders are asked to gather in the parking lot of the Cambria Connection (the Lions Club’s Norm Palmer building), 870 Main St.

Rain appears to be unlikely, according to forecasts issued Tuesday, but if that changes, Casas said, participants should bring umbrellas, because the parade will proceed regardless.

▪ Community Presbyterian Church isn’t hosting a harvest festival this year, and the Cambria Fire Department won’t have a haunted house.

Adult fun

Halloween activities for adults are planned at the Cambria Pines Lodge’s annual costume contest, Stolo Winery’s daytime annual candy and wine pairing all weekend, at some other commercial venues and at various private parties.

Most of Cambria’s scarecrow exhibits will remain on display through the Halloween weekend, even though the festival technically ends on Oct. 31.

And don’t forget the Squibbing Day cleanup from 3 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1. Gather at the Cambria Historical Museum, 2251 Center St., for materials needed to tidy up downtown’s streets and sidewalks. Lemonade and cookies will be served. For details, see story on Page 11 or call 927-1934.