The Cambrian

Squibbing Day revived Nov. 1 at Cambria Historical Museum

Paul and Louise Squibb loved Cambria. When they took a walk around town, they picked up any trash that detracted from Cambria’s attractive ambiance. They were out walking so often, that they became well known for tidying up the town. Others often joined them, and picking up trash while strolling around Cambria became known as Squibbing.

Eventually, a more formal Squibbing Days the cleanup effort got under way as part of the Chamber of Commerce’s Independence Day celebration and fireworks.

This official Squibbing Day shifted around on the calendar over the years, eventually settling on May 1 as the town’s official Squibbing Day, as designated by San Luis Obispo County Supervisors.

Squibbing Day got lost over the years, but Beautify Cambria Association and the Cambria Historical Society are bringing it back. Local residents can channel the Squibbs’ spirits the day after Halloween, Sunday, Nov. 1, at the Cambria Historical Museum, 2251 Center St.

Participants will get a tote bag with a plastic garbage sack and protective gloves and an “I Squibbed!” button. All hands are welcome to participate, anytime between 1 and 3 p.m., and those taking part are invited to bring the family.

Lemonade and cookies will be available.

For more information on Beautify Cambria, visit or call 927-1934.

Contact the museum at 927-2891.

Christine Heinrichs