The Cambrian

Tourist’s rental car runs over her leg in Cambria

A tourist from Israel was treated at a local hospital and released Tuesday night after her rental vehicle ran over her ankle and leg in Cambria.

Meira Schori, 63, had parked in the half-full Cambria Pines Lodge lot closest to Burton Drive about 8:30 p.m., according to various official sources. Instead of putting her vehicle’s transmission in park, Schori may have put it in reverse, CHP officials said. When she stepped out, the vehicle’s left front tire rolled over her ankle and lower leg, trapping her there.

Cambria firefighters used the Jaws of Life hydraulic lift to raise the car up. Then they “cribbed” the vehicle to stabilize it, and paramedics moved and attended to Schori.

Schori went by ambulance to the hospital to be checked out.

It was the second time in two months that a woman’s lower limb was run over by a vehicle in Cambria. In September, resident Dianne Lady Tie Di” Brooke tried to jump on a float in the Pinedorado parade, just as the float began to move forward. The float’s trailer ran over her leg. Brooke, too, was not seriously hurt. The incident just left her black and blue, sore and embarrassed.