The Cambrian

Cambrian Mercantile — offering everyday needs to North Coast residents — opens

Kathe Tanner

At the peak of the holiday shopping season, some people are discovering Cambria Mercantile, the most recent addition to the Cambria Hardware and Lumber complex at 2345 Village Lane, behind the fence at the bottom of the hill.

The mercantile is in the building that had most recently been occupied by Poly Pro Window & Door (which relocated to the former Palmer Building/Cambria Youth Center on Main Street).

So, what’s a mercantile? It’s a general store, and the reallocated building means the Cambria Hardware store could expand into the building next door. That helps alleviate the “bursting at the seams” syndrome of having many things for sale and not enough room for them all.

What would you find in the Cambria Mercantile side of the complex?

Lots of useful items in a wide variety of categories, including: mops, brooms, cleaners and small vacuums; hair dryers, hair clippers and curling irons; boxer shorts, swim trunks, T-shirts, socks and sweatshirts; paper, envelopes, pens and pencils; candles and lamp oil; coffee makers, toasters, blenders and microwaves; pots, pans and utensils; shower curtains, rods, hooks, curtain rods, mini blinds and towel bars; towels and bath mats; drawer organizers, coat hooks and laundry baskets; oil, acrylic and watercolor paints and brushes (structural paint is still in the hardware side of the complex), and more.

Patio furniture, tables, umbrellas, chairs and the like are on the new patio.

With all that, if shoppers still don’t find what they want, they can go to and have the items delivered to their homes or shops, or to Cambria Hardware via the “ship to store” option to avoid shipping charges (be forewarned, however, there are other Cambrias in the U.S., so be sure to select Cambria, California).

For other assistance, check with Mary Evans, who manages the stores or call 805-927-4650.

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