The Cambrian

Getting your yard ready for fall? Don’t forget to sign up for Cambria’s free chipping event

Cambria’s free community cleanup and chipping event is just around the corner. Anybody who wants branches and other cut vegetation chipped for free must sign up by Friday, Sept. 14, so equipment and crew schedules can be confirmed for the Sept. 15 event.

Sign-up forms are available at the Cambria Fire Department station, 2850 Burton Drive, and online at the Community Services District website. For details, call 805-927-6240.

The completed form must be returned in person to the Burton Drive fire station. The person turning in the form will receive red flagging tape and instructions, and firefighters will get additional information needed to complete the sign-up.

Contracted crews hired by the county Fire Safe Council, with support from Cambria Fire, Cambria Community Emergency Response Team and Cambria FireSafe Focus Group, will put the woody debris through a chipping machine and then blow the chips back onto the same property at the curbside specified by the property owner.

The chipping teams can handle only a limited number of locations during the event. No precise appointments can be made for the service, which is one reason why the placement of the red flagging tape is so important.

The free service will help make homes and the community safer by reducing the amount of combustible vegetation in Cambria.

To get the chippable materials ready by the deadline of early Sept. 15, place them at curbside or in the road easement area of the property.

Use the red tape to encircle the stack of materials to be chipped (only limbs and similar materials of less than 5 inches in diameter and no longer than 7 feet; no grass, leaves, pine needles, sawed lumber or building materials).