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Thanksgiving verse: Gratitude is poetry in emotion

A bird’s song is worth a smile.
A bird’s song is worth a smile.

A poem of gratitude:

“Gratitude” can get bandied about

As the latest “in” word to be used

But the wise ones have shown it’s good for your health

So how could anyone get confused?

It’s one thing to express your thanks to another

And then there is looking within

Because if it is health and peace that you want

There is where you need to begin

Gratitude is not about judgment

Rather it is about letting that go

It’s seeing each moment, each person, each breath

As a seed of life for you to sow

Discomforts are lessons we are given to learn from

Brief relief is an overlooked reward

The smaller the pieces you break it all into

The easier for you to move forward

Attention to details is the key here

As you make the time to slow down

Feel what you feel, put your fears to the side

Let your feet plant firmly to the ground

Notice your chest as it rises and falls

Allow your muscles to move

Let in the air, the blood and the light

Find the rhythm of breath, find the groove

It is here in this moment of connection

Of finding yourself tuning in

That gratitude will present itself

As you realize how lucky you’ve been

Sunsets and flowers, a friend’s heartfelt words

Not spilling your tea while you’re yawning

The warmth of wool socks as they slip on your feet

Hearing birds as a new day is dawning

The pencil that writes, the song that you hum

Unexpected time when someone cancels

The breasts that managed to feed two good sons

Movies where women aren’t just damsels

It’s the feeling in your soul that arises when

You acknowledge any these little things

Even if it’s just the slightest hint of comfort

That is what gratitude brings

If it makes you smile, if it makes you wonder

If it makes you stop and look twice

If it takes your mind off your doldrums or woes

For even a second, that will suffice

So build up your bank of gratitude

Fill it up with the riches of the heart

Don’t lock it up, open its doors to all

That is how peace will start

When finally you recognize gratitude

And collect yourself a tidy sum

Nothing will feel as difficult

There will be nothing you can’t overcome

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