The Cambrian

North Coast Advisory Council to consider Cambria water project’s status

This month, North Coast advisors will consider a high-profile Cambria issue: The services district’s application to convert its emergency water project into a permanent source of municipal water.

The North Coast Advisory Council meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 19, at Rabobank, 1070 Main St.

The Cambria Community Services District built the water-reclamation plant under a drought-emergency permit from the county, and has operated the nearly $14 million Sustainable Water Facility intermittently under that authorization.

However, before the district can operate the plant at any time, rather than only during declared drought situations, the CSD must apply for and get a permanent permit for the plant.

The district has been under a water-shortage-triggered moratorium for new water connections since 2001, although a few projects have connected since then. That moratorium is separate from a drought declaration imposed in 2014.

In revising the SWF, the CSD would repurpose a holding/evaporation pond for brine residuals from the treatment process. The modified pond would store surface water for firefighting and other purposes. The district also would add tanks to hold the brine (which would be trucked to a waste-disposal site), and install a separate system to treat the stored surface water.

District staffers expect to get an extensive administrative draft of the SWF project’s environmental impact report by late spring.

NCAC’s Land Use Committee reviewed the SWF project this month and recommended that the county approve the district’s application. However, the vote was not unanimous among the committee members in attendance, according to committee chairwoman Laurel Stewart.

At the April 19 meeting, council members also will consider: Recommending a proposed revision to the county’s ordinance about secondary or accessory dwellings; and a requested waiver of the county’s 150-foot (radial) distance requirement between vacation rental units. The owners of 2701 Windsor Blvd. want to use that home as a vacation rental.

At the meeting, newly elected and re-elected council members will be seated and officers/committee chairs selected.