The Cambrian

Invasive French broom targeted for removal in Cambria

The county’s Fire Safe Council is finalizing plans to remove soon some heavy patches of French broom in various areas of Cambria, according to reports given at recent meetings, including Feb. 8 at the Cambria Forest Committee and Cambria FireSafe Focus Group.

Jim Neumann of Type One Logistics told meeting attendees that the grant-funded removal of the stubborn, hardy invasive shrubs could begin as soon as early March and be done before the end of April.

Neumann, Calfire forester Alan Peters and the council’s Dan Turner said this is a good time to do that kind of work, because soil that’s too soggy for doing other forestry chores is perfect for pulling tenacious weeds. Also, plants would be removed before going to seed. That’s always an issue with broom, the experts said, because the plant reseeds easily.

Neumann said Feb. 8 that he would be finalizing the scope of work, determining the best treatments for the targeted areas, going out to bid for a subcontractor to do the work and outlining what follow-up would be needed.

Because French broom tends to displace native foliage, it can make it difficult to reforest areas that have been cleared. Native plants would be marked in advance, so the contractor knows to leave those alone, Neumann said.