The Cambrian

Package theft from Cambria front porch draws concern

Cambria chef Rick Watson isn’t concerned about the Mocha Java coffee and two mugs that were in a package stolen from his home soon after it was delivered Dec. 22. He does, however, want the thief caught, in part so that person won’t do the same thing to anybody else whose parcel might contain something irreplaceable.

“Thank God we have security cameras” at their home on lower Marine Terrace, he said during a phone interview New Year’s Eve.

Package tracking confirmed that the parcel was delivered. The cameras confirmed that the Watsons didn’t receive it.

They checked those cameras and found photos of the thief before, during and after the theft. The Watsons have shared those photos with law enforcement detectives and with friends on social media.

“Unfreaking believable,” he posted. “Just like you see on the news. A vehicle drives by,” with the passenger apparently “noticing the package on our front porch.” The driver “puts on the brakes for a second, begins to reverse, then proceeds to drive away.”

Then “20 seconds later, the vehicle had turned around and comes back to our house, stops right in front” and what appeared to be a man “wearing a beanie, jeans and a flannel gets out of the car, runs up on the porch and steals the package,” Watson said. “The driver stayed in the vehicle.” The thief “then jumps back in the vehicle and they drive away…all caught on camera.”

The coffee and mugs have been replaced. “Things are replaceable,” Watson said. The feeling of a home being a safe haven is not.

Anyone with information about the theft, or any related package or mail theft, is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 549-STOP (7867) or the county Sheriff’s Office at 781-4550.