Gas pipeline work may cause odors in Atascadero

Southern California Gas Co. will perform maintenance work on a natural gas transmission line at several locations in and around Atascadero on Thursday and Friday.

From about 7 a.m. Thursday through Friday, workers will remove natural gas from the pipeline by releasing the gas into the atmosphere. Residents around these areas may smell a gas odor and hear noise coming from the project locations. The gas company says the smell is normal and not dangerous and that all appropriate emergency agencies have been notified of the planned release.

The gas will be released near:

  • A-Town Diner at 7305 El Camino Real
  • The intersection of Curbaril and El Camino Real
  • 14505 El Camino Real
  • The intersection of San Rafael Road and El Camino Real
  • The intersection of Santa Margarita Road and El Camino Real
  • 9225-9235 North Forty Road
  • In the open field near 9130 Harvest Way, in unincorporated SLO County

The work is expected to end before the close of business on Friday.