Cal Poly student gets $1,500 for essay on future of car industry

The automotive website Autolist, which offers searches of multiple new- and used-car websites, has awarded a $1,500 scholarship to Cal Poly student Kayla Foyt, who is majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in German, for her essay on advances in future automotive technology, including battery improvements, autonomous controls and cybersecurity.

To earn the Used Car to Dream Car Scholarship, Foyt wrote in support of the idea that millennials prefer having their own car instead of using ride-sharing services.

Foyt also wrote on the importance of data analysis, saying that “without collecting and analyzing data, technology and society can’t progress.” She says she intends to continue the work she is doing on her Formula SAE car racing team with a long-term career in electronics in the auto industry.

Scholarship applicants were also asked to weigh in on their personal buying preferences and opinions on transportation. Among the survey results:

▪  97 percent of applicants plan to own a car within the next eight years.

▪  73 percent of applicants are more likely to buy a used car over a new car.

▪  50 percent said their main mode of transportation throughout college would be/is a car.

“In my opinion, 10 years from now the majority of cars on the road will either be fully autonomous, or have some degree of autonomous technology,” Foyt wrote.