2 SLO County canines featured on TV’s ‘World’s Funniest Dogs’

Fritz, a golden retriever from Atascadero, prepares to get hit in the head by a hot dog.
Fritz, a golden retriever from Atascadero, prepares to get hit in the head by a hot dog. Screenshot via YouTube.com

Who knew two of the funniest dogs in the world pulled off their canine capers right here in San Luis Obispo County?

Two local pups — Fritz, a clumsy golden retriever from Atascadero, and Allie, a hungry yellow Labrador retriever from San Luis Obispo — were featured on the April 15 episode of Nat Geo Wild’s “World’s Funniest Dogs,” which profiles dogs whose caught-on-video antics have gone viral.

Fritz, who belongs to Paso Robles High School teacher Evan Ball, earned his viral video cred in 2015 trying to catch pieces of food thrown to him — meatballs, hot dogs, a slice of pizza — and failing, over and over again, in hilarious fashion. Fritz’s most popular video has more than 7 million views on YouTube.

On “World’s Funniest Dogs,” Ball invites a local softball coach and player to give him pitching pointers, then pits Fritz against a friend’s dog to see whether all retrievers have trouble catching tacos tossed toward them, or if it’s just Fritz. (We won’t spoil it for you.) Here’s a clip from the show.

In another segment, local radio host Adam Montiel sets up cameras around his house to see whether his dog, Allie, would still raid the refrigerator when no one was around, as she was caught on video doing in 2014. His original video of her stealthy snack-snatching skills has more than 3 million views on YouTube.

Sadly, Allie passed away before the episode aired. But here’s a clip from the show in which the clever canine was named one of the “Top 3 Funniest Dogs.”

Watch the full episode of “World’s Funniest Dogs” here. (You’ll need a subscription to a participating cable or satellite TV provider.)

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