San Luis Obispo County government meetings for week of Nov. 30

Arroyo Grande Planning Commission. Meets Tuesday. 473-5400. Public hearing regarding 51-room boutique hotel in the Village of Arroyo Grande. Consider ordinance banning medical marijuana cultivation in city.

Atascadero Planning Commission. Meets Tuesday. 461-5000. Approve 2016 meeting schedule; accept final parcel map for division of one 2.16-acre commercial parcel into two parcels of 1.30 acres and 0.86 acres (tentative map was approved concurrently with a permit amendment for Home Depot Center to allow construction of a new drive-through restaurant on the site).

Cuesta College Board of Trustees. Meets Wednesday. 546-3118. Educational master plan review; assessment of board goals; provide guidance on nearby “Cuesta Cove” community housing project that needs a paved roadway from the project to Dallons Drive on land currently owned by the community college district.

Grover Beach City Council. Meets Monday. 473-4567. Discussion of water shortage contingency plans and participation in regional water recycling and desalination projects.

Paso Robles City Council. Meets Tuesday. 237-3960. Public hearing to consider request to rezone and subdivide lot at 2025 Union Road. Consider $1.07 million contract for City Park Rehabilitation and Repair project.

Pismo Beach City Council. Meets Tuesday. 773-7003. Discussion of scope of Shell Beach Streetscape Improvement Project. Consider water conservation tiers, including proposed building restrictions.

San Luis Obispo City Council. Meets Tuesday. 781-7100. Appoint Councilman Dan Carpenter to serve one-year term as vice mayor; memorandum of agreement for interim water and sewer service for a proposed annexation of about 40 acres along Fiero Lane and Clarion Court; consider putting in place strategies based on recommendations in Neighborhood Wellness/Community Civility Report.

Templeton Community Services District. Meets Tuesday. 434-4900. Authorize fire department to purchase an engine from Paso Robles for $20,000 and award refurbishment contract to Fire Trucks Unlimited for $249,444; select real estate broker to represent district in selling four-lot residential subdivision; review goals set for 2015-16 fiscal year.