Los Osos teen aggressively pursued sex online, defendant in pimping case says

Richard Scott Brooks
Richard Scott Brooks

A Bay Area man accused of pimping out a 17-year-old Los Osos girl said the alleged victim aggressively pursued him after he posted a Craigslist ad seeking a submissive sex partner.

“Right from the get-go, we were talking extremely kinky sex,” Richard Brooks told a jury Monday.

Brooks, 40, has been charged with numerous felonies, including human trafficking. The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office said he recruited the victim, now 18, through the Internet while her mother and younger sister were out of state in July 2014. The prosecution alleges that Brooks had sex with the teen — including times when she was unconscious — over a four-day span before prostituting her to another man.

But defense attorney Matt Guerrero argues that the relationship was part of a consensual sex subculture and that the alleged victim initially told Brooks she was 18.

After the prosecution rested its case, Brooks took the stand in his trial late in the day Monday.

“She told me that she was in Cuesta College, in her first year,” Brooks testified.

After he placed an ad on Craigslist, Brooks said, the two exchanged “hundreds” of emails. Then the girl sent videos and photos of herself.

“I didn’t ask for videos or pictures,” he said.

As the exchanges continued, he said, there was a “work-up,” as the exchanges became more explicit.

“We went back and forth about her being into everything I mentioned in the ad,” he said.

I like girls who like sex as much as I do.

Richard Brooks, on trial for human trafficking

At one point, he said, the teen asked him if he could get a room at the Madonna Inn so they could have group sex. But, he said, they also set parameters on their sexual relationship, agreeing not to use hard drugs or do anything “crazy.”

“We agreed we weren’t going to do anything with animals or whatever,” he said.

He said it was clear that they were both compatible.

“I like girls who like sex as much as I do,” he said.

Brooks discussed very explicit things they were interested in sexually. Although the two initially discussed meeting for sex in the Bay Area, he said the teen eventually wanted to “host” him at her home in Los Osos. Previously, the teen testified that she drove to the Bay Area, picked Brooks up and brought him to Los Osos.

“Did you ask her if she would be a nasty slut?” Guerrero asked.

“Yes, I did,” Brooks said, adding that she responded she would.

Prior to the trial, a defense motion claimed the girl had successfully sought other men for sex through the Internet just before responding to Brooks’ ad. But that evidence was ruled inadmissible.

During the prosecution’s case, the girl testified that Brooks discovered she was 17 after they arrived in Los Osos. While she voluntarily traveled to the Bay Area, she told jurors, she had second thoughts after seeing him. Still, she said, she felt like she could not say no to him.

After Brooks had sex with the girl numerous times, the prosecution alleges, he then prostituted her out to a Cayucos man, Oscar Higueros, who also faces charges.

Brooks will continue to testify Tuesday.