Government meetings in SLO County for the week of Nov. 9

Arroyo Grande City Council. Meets Tuesday. 473-5400. Consider removal of commissioner John Mack from the Planning Commission. Status report on the South County Sanitation District Recycled Water Project and the Pismo Beach Recycled Water Facility. Consideration of a formal endorsement letter to San Luis Obispo County regarding the PG&E Seawater Desalination Facility.

Atascadero City Council. Meets Tuesday. 461-5000. Potential high-density residential project on 2.5 acres along El Camino Real between Solano Road and La Linia Avenue; discussion about options to bring back to the council in spring 2016 incentives or restrictions to discourage the expansion of office uses in the downtown.

Lucia Mar Unified School District Board of Trustees. Meets Tuesday. 474-3000. Reports on culinary arts build out and facilities master plan. Public hearing concerning a collective bargaining agreement with the employees union.

Morro Bay City Council. Meets Tuesday. 772-6200. 2015-16 city goals update; pledge to follow best practices for civility and civic discourse; consider amending an ordinance to expedite the permitting process for small residential solar rooftop systems.

Nipomo Community Services District. Meets Thursday. 929-1133. Consideration of a sewer fee increase.

Paso Robles Planning Commission. Meets Tuesday. 237-3888. Construction of a tall guest house addition on an existing detached garage at 1311 Chestnut St.; tear down the existing Boy Scouts meeting building and replace it with a larger one at 2247 Oak St.; establish an indoor billiards club on the second floor of an existing building at 1319 Spring St.

Pismo Beach Planning Commission. Meeting Tuesday canceled. 773-4658.

San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors. Meets Tuesday. 781-5450. Supervisors will hold a series of three hearings to schedule elections on March 8 for the establishment of a Paso Robles groundwater basin management district, fund the district or other groundwater management activities with a Proposition 218 vote and elect a board of directors for the district, if formed.

San Luis Obispo County Health Commission. Meets Monday. 781-5520. Presentations on the emergency medical services (EMS) system care and inpatient care of the acute stroke patient.

Templeton Unified School District. Meets Thursday. 434-5800. Fiscal allocation plan for the Educator Effectiveness Program; proposed revisions to policies on student athlete drug testing, special education and immunizations, among others.

Correction: An earlier version of this article had the incorrect agency listed for Tuesday’s meeting in Paso Robles.