Arroyo Grande to ‘wait and see’ on more water conservation

The Arroyo Grande City Council will wait until April before considering further water conservation efforts, including whether to declare a Stage 2 Water Shortage Emergency and building moratorium.

After hearing a status report on the state of the city’s water resources, the council decided Tuesday to wait and see how much winter rain the area gets before implementing further water conservation methods.

“I would rather see us come back in April, because we’ll have essentially seen the rain year for sure; and it may be that the pressure is off,” Councilman Jim Guthrie said. “I think April will be the time to naturally take a look at this.”

The council decided the city’s water supply was currently adequate to supply the city’s needs, and a hightened water shortage emergency declaration is not yet necessary. The city approved a Stage 1 Water Shortage Emergency on May 26.

In May, the council discussed a potential building moratorium. The city staff strongly recommended against that option because of the potential impact it could have on the city’s economy.