Grover Beach leaders outline top goals for city

A sign greets people entering Grover Beach.
A sign greets people entering Grover Beach. dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com

Grover Beach city leaders have crafted a list of goals for the next two years, most with an eye toward updating outdated or deteriorating infrastructure in the city and expanding its economic development.

The Grover Beach City Council began outlining its 2015-17 city goals at its meeting Monday night, targeting six top issues to address in the next two years. The goals are set to come before the City Council again for approval in April. Once they are approved, they will be used to help craft the city's 2015-17 budget.

The top goals are:

Economic development

Grover Beach has several large projects in various stages of development, including the long-awaited Grover Beach Lodge and Conference Center and the street rehabilitation project.

According to a report by staff, as part of its city goals, the city and council will look into “strengthening the city’s economic base, increasing revenues, sustaining and improving core city services and meeting infrastructure funding requirements.”

As part of this the city will also look into constructing a hotel at 950 El Camino Real, implementing the first phase of its broadband network project, installing a financial system upgrade and streamlining the development review process.

Streets, transportation and infrastructure

The city’s economic development goals also tie in closely with another of its goals, to develop and maintain a modern street and infrastructure system.

The major project in this area is the street rehabilitation project, though the city also listed a train station expansion, improvements to parking in Ramona Business Square, updates to the sewer master plan, and development of a comprehensive sidewalk program as other important efforts.

Water resources

Water availability and its sustainability is always a topic of discussion during drought times, and Grover Beach is no exception — over the next two years, the city will look to "develop and maintain a water utility system that provides for current demand while anticipating future water needs," according to a staff report.

This includes completing the waterline upgrade project, updating the water master plan and working with local partners to identify additional sustainable water sources.

Public safety

Along with updating infrastructure, the city listed public safety as one of its main concerns for the next two years and said it is committed to helping provide extra police and firefighting personnel, in light of recent cuts in both departments.

The city will also continue to explore ways to address what it terms "vagrancy issues," such as aggressive panhandling and aggressive animals.

Community development and housing

More housing developments could be in the works for Grover Beach — though first the city will explore updating several ordinances and standards to improve quality of life in the area. These updates would include changes to the sign ordinance, parking standards, planned unit development standards and exploring crafting a vacation rentals ordinance.

The city will also look into partnering with the 5Cities Homeless Coalition and other nonprofits to help provide services to the homeless population in Grover Beach and build an affordable housing project.

Parks, recreation and beautification

The council's final goal is to “improve the quality of life for residents and visitors to Grover Beach,” by maintaining its existing park facilities and developing new ones, as well as adding more special events.