Rusty gun found in evaporating Laguna Lake

The same day a stolen station wagon was pulled from the murky waters of Laguna Lake, a man walking the banks discovered a semi-automatic handgun stuck in the mud.

San Luis Obispo police Cpt. Chris Staley said the man initially thought it was a BB gun but later reported the find to police Monday afternoon.

Staley said the Phoenix Arms .25-caliber semi-automatic pistol was found on the opposite side of the lake from the station wagon, toward Los Osos Valley Road. The gun probably had no relation to the car, which had been reported stolen in Pismo Beach in 2006, Staley said.

Like the station wagon, the gun has probably been in the lake for some time and was recently left exposed due to sinking water levels caused by the ongoing drought.

He said the gun was in pretty poor shape and the serial number had rusted. However, investigators will attempt to fire a round from the gun so that they may send the casing to a national ballistics center, which can determine if the gun was used in a crime.

“Obviously, if a gun is tossed in the lake, that raises suspicion,” Staley said.

With sinking water levels at the lake, Staley said other items may be revealed in the coming months. Anyone who finds anything suspicious is asked to call the San Luis Obispo Police Department’s non-emergency line at 781-7317.

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