Weather guru offers wealth of knowledge

Cayucos and Morro Bay experience population bulge each Fourth of July.

Celebrations continue morning to late evening. The Cayucos balloon arches go up at dawn, while the sand sculpture designers have been working for hours and early parade seekers position chairs for a Lions Club produced parade. For more information, see www.cayucoschamber.com.

Lindsey credits his childhood interest in “figuring out how things worked,” a Cal Poly learn-by-doing education and his naval career studying navigation and weather patterns for steering him to his career as San Luis Obispo’s go-to weather guy. But he’s also quick to say his PG&E position allows him to explore his passions for weather forecasting, environmental advocacy and community enhancement.

“I’m interested in environmental solutions that also contribute to a healthy economy. I’m excited about our future with the electric car. The Tesla is being developed in California. That means manufacturing jobs, tax revenue for our state and expanded use for electric power that will improve our air quality.”

Of course, when Lindsey guides a tour he’ll color it with weather talk.