Man who sold synthetic drug to teens gets six months in jail

A 20-year-old Templeton man was sentenced Tuesday in San Luis Obispo Superior Court to six months in County Jail for his felony conviction relating to selling narcotics to two minors.

Quinn Alister Hall was sentenced before Judge Michael Duffy based on his no-contest plea to three charges concerning his sale of an illegal synthetic stimulant called mephedrone to two 15-year-olds in 2010.

The drug caused the teens to vomit, experience high body temperatures and euphoria, as well as to develop small holes in their lungs, according to investigators.

Hall told investigators he gave the teens a chemical he had purchased online, believing it to be legal, according to a search warrant.

But according to a search warrant sought by San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office Detective David Nottenkamper, the teens believed they were getting 7 grams of ecstasy in exchange for an iPod.

Duffy also sentenced Hall to seven years of probation.

Prosecutor Eric Dobroth said he believed Hall deserved 270 days in the San Luis Obispo County Jail, calling the impact of the drug on the boys’ bodies “horrific.”

Defense attorney Guy Galambos argued for 90 to 120 days in jail, saying it wasn’t his client’s intent that the boys take so much of the drug. Galambos also said the substance is sold openly in some smoke shops.

Hall apologized to Duffy in court for his actions, saying again that he believed the drug to be legal, had no intent to harm the teens and informed them how to consume it.

“They took 23 times the amount I told them to take,” Hall told Duffy. “If a person takes 23 times the amount of Tylenol that they’re supposed to, they could end up in the hospital.”

Duffy also sentenced Hall to perform 80 hours of community service.