Man convicted of murder in connection with 2009 Los Osos break-in

The man accused of causing the shooting death of his accomplice during an armed robbery in Los Osos in 2009 was convicted on all charges Friday.

A jury of six men and six women in San Luis Obispo Superior Court took a day to convict Jesse Bakerriley of murder by provocation, two counts of robbery and burglary. The conviction came along with enhancements for using a firearm during the robbery, which will increase his sentence.

Bakerriley, 36, demanded money and marijuana at gunpoint from Peter Davis and his friend Dylan Bauman at a Los Osos home — even laughing at one point and asking whether they’d seen the movie “Pulp Fiction” — before Davis grabbed a gun and fired shots.

Three bullets struck Bakerriley, who survived, and one struck and killed Bakerriley’s accomplice, Kelsey Alvarez.

Jurors said it didn’t matter to them that Davis, who had a medical marijuana prescription, may have been dealing marijuana, as both attorneys involved with the case discussed.

Witness statements and physical evidence pointed to a guilty verdict on all counts, jurors said after the verdict was announced.

“The fact that the two people in the house when they were robbed were separated from each other before they could talk about what happened, and their statements to police matched, made the case very convincing,” said one juror, who wanted to remain anonymous.

Another juror who also declined to give his name said that deliberations were thorough and jurors made sure to carefully discuss the language of the law when applying the evidence. And because a man’s future was involved, it was an emotional decision to convict.

“My heart goes out to Bakerriley’s family, and this was a very difficult decision to have to make,” the juror said. “My heart was pounding when I signed off (on guilt).”

Bakerriley stared pensively beside his attorney as the verdict was read in Judge Barry LaBarbera’s court.

He faces a maximum of a life sentence for the conviction. A sentencing hearing is yet to be scheduled.