Jenny McCarthy in SLO over the weekend to film segment for 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'

Jenny McCarthy poses with San Luis Obispo City firefighters.
Jenny McCarthy poses with San Luis Obispo City firefighters. Courtesy of Erik Baskin

The Oprah Winfrey Show” was in San Luis Obispo on Sunday — creating a buzz among some locals who witnessed and heard about the filming.

Actress Jenny McCarthy, on assignment for the show, visited various locations throughout the city to film a segment about claims that San Luis Obispo is one of the happiest places to live in the United States by author Dan Buettner in his recent book, “Thrive.”

The theme of the segment will be based on the premise of what makes people happy.

The San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce helped organize the filming. The show will air later this month.

Three local firefighters, Erik Baskin, president of the San Luis Obispo City Firefighters Association, Capt. Mike King and Devin Reiss were interviewed by McCarthy in downtown San Luis Obispo about their take on what makes the city great and the benefits of their jobs.

“We had a blast,” Baskin said. “One of our goals is to always present the Fire Department and the city in the best light we can and to further the public image of both, locally and nationally.”

Winfrey’s show is not the only national attention the city has received since Buettner’s book was published.Parade magazine, Delta Sky magazine and Yahoo Travel have also paid visits to San Luis Obispo, said Lindsey Miller, director of marketing for the chamber.

As for the latest attention, Miller said it’s hard to anticipate what is to come.

“Oprah has 30 million viewers,” Miller said. “I don’t even think we know what this will do to San Luis Obispo.”

The last time Winfrey took an interest in San Luis Obispo, she created quite a stir. Her love of a curried chicken salad sandwich she tried at Art Cafe and Bakery in San Luis Obispo led her to invest in the business the day before it was to be sold in 2004.

The day after news of the investment broke, customers waited in line more than an hour to get a taste of what Winfrey called “the most expensive sandwich I’ve ever had.”

The business was still sold eventually, but before that, owner Margaux Sky ended up on Winfrey’s show and in her O Magazine. Sky also appeared on the “Today” show and wrote a recipe book.