Los Osos teen on life support after double lung transplant

A Los Osos teen who underwent a double lung transplant nearly two months ago is now on life support at Stanford University Hospital, according to her family.

Holly Navolt, 18, went into respiratory failure Tuesday and is now intubated, stepmother Christine Navolt said.

Family members are by her side because they have stayed with her in a recovery center near Stanford since the transplant.

Navolt has suffered since infancy from cystic fibrosis, which causes thick mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive tract.

Doctors found no fluid or signs of pneumonia Tuesday in Navolt’s new lungs, which means lung rejection is likely the cause of her sharp decline in health.

Her body has not responded to antibiotics, and doctors Wednesday began a five-day transfusion treatment to help her body accept the new lungs.

“We’ll lose her if this next thing doesn’t work,” said Navolt’s cousin, Amber Piñon.

In recent weeks, the local community has come together at a series of events and raised $35,000 of the $100,000 that the Navolt family needs to cover expenses associated with the transplant.

The teen’s father, Doug Navolt, is a refrigerator and air conditioning service technician and the sole provider for a family of six.

Read more about Holly Navolt at www.cotaforhollyn.com.