Water and sewer rates in SLO could soon go up. Here’s how much

San Luis Obispo residents could soon face water and sewer rate increases that amount to about a 10 percent hike over the next two years.

The City Council will consider a proposed rate increase at its Tuesday meeting.

The typical home using six units of water per month would see an increased monthly water bill of $56.98 this year to $60.09 effective July 1, and then to $63.39 in 2020.

Monthly sewer rates for four units could increase from the current typical rate for a single-family home of $50.09 to $52.84 effective July 1, and then to $55.47 in 2020.

Combined, a typical single-family home could see its average monthly water and sewer bill increase from $107.07 to $118.86 in 2020 if the council approves the rate change.

The hikes are to address increased costs associated with electricity, chemicals required for treatment, equipment maintenance and repairs, and regulatory fees, said Aaron Floyd, SLO’s utilities director.

City of SLO treatment plant.jpg
The city of San Luis Obispo’s wastewater treatment plant. Blake Andrews

“The proposed rate increases will support many important projects to better serve the community,” Floyd added.

Those include:

a number of water and wastewater projects addressing aging pipelines and tank maintenance;

construction of the city’s Water Resource Recovery Facility, located on Prado Road, which will begin in 2019 and extend through 2022;

drinking water quality improvements;

a Water Energy Efficiency Project that will serve to reduce future energy demands and assist with the city’s Climate Action Plan;

maintenance of regional waterline projects to ensure resilient water supplies for the city.

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