Catching a flight in SLO? City expands bus service to the airport

San Luis Obispo is making it easier to get to and from the airport by adding a new bus route that provides weekday service on the half hour.

Currently, the city offers trips from city stops to the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport every hour on Route 1A. Starting June 17, it’s adding new trips to the airport on Route 1B.

“There has been a recognized need for more service frequency,” said Megan Weeks, SLO’s transit coordinator. “This will help meet the demand.”

There now will be two routes that include stops at the airport, as part of a loop around the city that includes Broad Street, Johnson Avenue and the downtown transit center.

The first bus arrives at the airport at 6:40 a.m., and the last bus arrives at 9:40 p.m. (during summer, the last bus arrives at the airport at 7:40 p.m.).

On weekends, bus trips to the airport will take place every hour, same as currently offered.

The city currently serves about 1 million bus riders each year. The cost to ride is $1.50 per trip. Cal Poly subsidizes bus travel for students, who can ride for free.

For more information about travel routes, go to: https://www.slocity.org/government/department-directory/public-works/slo-transit/trip-planning.

Some of the route times are changing as well, with minor adjustments to better plan for traffic congestion and other factors.

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