Have you spotted Olliver? This cool pup drives his pink Porsche around downtown SLO

A cute corgi named Olliver captured the internet’s heart this week, after video of him riding a mini pink convertible Porsche around downtown San Luis Obispo went viral, with more than 10 million views in the span of four days.

But for Olliver, all the attention is nothing to woof about.

“He’s so chill,” owner Angie Shkurkin told The Tribune of the 7-year-old corgi. “He has honestly been this chill his entire life. I can put him in anything and he just stays.”

Shkurkin isn’t lying.

On Monday evening — a few days after the first video went viral — she and her husband, Sasha Shkurkin, took Olliver out for a cruise in his now signature pink wheels, stopping in at their favorite spot in San Luis Obispo: Francesca’s.

At the women’s boutique, Olliver patiently sat in his little car, staring up at Angie and Sasha Shkurkin as the San Luis Obispo couple rotated between putting flowery, rabbit-eared headbands and slick sunglasses on the adorable canine, snapping photos all the while.

Passers-by stopped in the doorway of the store to exclaim how cute Olliver was or to grab pictures of their own before coming in and shopping.

Seven-year-old corgi Olliver sits as his owners, Angie and Sasha Shkurkin, put headbands and sunglasses on him at Francesca’s in downtown San Luis Obispo. Kaytlyn Leslie kleslie@thetribunenews.com

“We love him,” one store associate said with a laugh. “He brings way more people in when he’s here.”

Olliver stayed snug in his seat, only moving his head to keep an eye on Angie, who had a Ziploc bag of dog food in her pocket.

“He was the last one left in his litter,” Angie Shkurkin said, noting she adopted Olliver as a puppy when she was in high school. “He was the least playful, so people left him. He was the runt of the litter. No one wanted him, but he ended being the calmest dog his whole life.”

“I’ve been blessed,” she added.

Video goes viral

That blessing is now bringing a flood of social media attention into the couple’s life.

On his first outing in downtown San Luis Obispo, Olliver posed with people wearing different sunglasses like those pictured above. Kaytlyn Leslie kleslie@thetribunenews.com

The Shkurkins said they only recently got Olliver his pink car at a garage sale, and last week was the first time they took him out in it in public.

The car, intended for toddlers, can be driven from inside the vehicle with a little gear shift, but Olliver cruises around in his thanks to a remote control operated by Sasha Shkurkin.

The dog also gets his own driving soundtrack, thanks to a little speaker the Shkurkins added.

Sasha Shkurkin said when he and his wife took Olliver out in the car for the first time on Friday and Saturday, the reaction from people was immediate.

“We let people take pictures with him, and we had different sunglasses that he could put on. It was like our dog was his own little celebrity,” he said. “But we weren’t thinking anything about it except that our faces were hurting from laughing.”

Then on Saturday night, they started getting texts from friends saying a video of Olliver cruising downtown was going viral online.

As of Tuesday, almost 500,000 people have liked the six-second clip, posted by Twitter user Kelciium, showing Olliver crossing Chorro Street at a crosswalk in front of Mission San Luis Obispo.

“I was like, ‘Holy crap!’” Angie Shkurkin said of the response.

The couple immediately made Olliver his own Instagram page — @pinkporschecorgi — where they are hoping to capitalize on some of his fame to get him a “fleet of luxury cars.”

“We just want him to get the fleet he’s always dreamed of,” Sasha Shkurkin joked. “Or go on the ‘Ellen’ show — that would be great.”

A SLO rock star

The true test of Olliver’s patience on Monday night came when Sasha Shkurkin pulled out the remote that controls the dog’s ride and had the car zip around the sidewalk in front of Francesca’s.

Of course, the corgi stayed firmly in place.

As music bumped over the speakers, Olliver cruised past pedestrians who all pulled out their phones to take video of the cool pup.

“Honestly I feel like my dog is a celebrity or a rock star,” Sasha Shkurkin told The Tribune while sitting next to Olliver. “But we just think it’s so hilarious — and it’s bringing joy to San Luis Obispo.”

Then Olliver leaned on the in-car control and briefly sped off backwards down the sidewalk. As he sped away, it almost looked like the chill corgi was smiling.

Olliver’s owners said he will be riding in his car in downtown San Luis Obispo on Saturday evenings for the next few weeks. Kaytlyn Leslie kleslie@thetribunenews.com
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