SLO residents can now have tiny homes in their backyards. Here’s how to apply

The application process to get permitted to build a backyard tiny home on wheels in San Luis Obispo opened Friday.

No more than one tiny home per property is allowed, and the owner must live on site.

The city is permitting homes under specific conditions, such as they can’t be larger than 400 square feet (excluding the loft area), they must be on wheels that can’t be removed, and they must provide adequate connection to utilities and services (water, sewer and electricity). A building permit will be required to establish adequate and safe utility connections.

Permits are good for a period of three to five years with opportunity for renewals (upon inspection of continued compliance with standards).

The organization HomeShare SLO has announced that it has a host of “workshops and other helpful tools coming soon to help interested SLO city residents with information on how to go about creating affordable, sustainable housing by bringing (tiny homes on wheels) into backyards.

HomeShareSLO is a local nonprofit connecting those with room to spare at their homes and properties with those looking for housing.

For more information on the application requirements and to view a link to the application, visit www.slocity.org/how-do-i/apply-for/tiny-home-on-wheels.

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