Helicopter rescues hiker hanging ‘extremely precariously’ from cliff near Ragged Point

The California Highway Patrol rescued a stranded hiker near Ragged Point on Monday, after the man got stuck in a dangerous spot on the side of a cliff.

CHP Sgt. Steve Neumann said a man in his late 50s wandered off the trail while hiking back up from the beach to the Ragged Point Inn.

“It happens once in a while this time of year in the same spot,” he said. “It looks more manageable from the ground, but then you get up there and find you get in a place where one wrong move can be bad.”

Another hiker noticed he was stuck in a “extremely precarious position on the cliffside” and called 911.

Neumann said the man might have been up there for upwards of an hour before the other hiker noticed he was stuck.

In video footage released by CHP, the man can be seen gripping the cliffside as the helicopter hovers overhead.

A CHP helicopter rescued a stranded hiker near Ragged Point Inn on Monday, August 20, 2018. California Highway Patrol

The crew lowered a rescuer to the man, who was holding onto the cliff unable to move. The rescuer was able to get the man secured and flown to safety at the Ragged Point Inn.

He was uninjured other than some minor cuts and bruises, Neumann said.

Neumann cautioned people to be aware that the hiking in that area can become treacherous quickly.

“It always looks easier going up than coming down,” he said.

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