Caught on camera: 2 mountain lion cubs visit the front door of SLO home

Liz Anderson was awakened in her San Luis Obispo home at 4:23 a.m. Saturday by what sounded like someone breaking in.

She sent her husband to check, but it took surveillance video to reveal what caused the noises: two mountain lion cubs jumping at the glass front door of her home in Prefumo Creek Estates.

“The noise of one pouncing at the door with full force is what woke me up,” Anderson said.

It was so loud that she tried to replicate it later that day, and couldn’t.

“It’s interesting that they would come up to the front door,” she said. “There’s outside lights. There’s street lights. It’s not a wooded area.”

Their housing development is set at the base of Irish Hills, where Morro View trail was recently closed due to sightings of a mountain lion and her cub. Although Anderson has never seen mountain lions in the area in her 12 years living there, a resident nearby spotted one in February.

The unexpected guests may explain the increase in “missing cat” signs in the neighborhood, Anderson said.

The short video captured at her house shows two long, healthy cubs with dark ears and long tails. One leaps at the front door, causing a loud bang. The other lets out a short high-pitched noise before stretching its front legs on the door. They slowly saunter away at the end of the 20-second clip.

Anderson’s small, fluffy white dog, Ozzy, can be heard barking in the background.

Since the trail closed due to the wild cat den, Anderson said, “we’re a little more cautious with the pet, thinking there are hungry, wild animals in the area.”

A mountain lion was also spotted earlier this year on a hiking trail near Cal Poly in July.

Monica Vaughan: 805-781-7930, @MonicaLVaughan

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