SLO County’s child support agency is No. 1 in state for fourth straight year

Associated Press file photo

San Luis Obispo County continues to have the top performing child support services agency in the state, according to a report from the state Department of Child Support Services to the Legislature earlier this year.

The county Department of Child Support Services ranked first out of 50 child support enforcement agencies in the state for the fourth consecutive year for overall performance in five federal performance measures. Those are paternity establishment percentage, percentage of cases with a child support order, current collections performance, arrearage collections performance and cost effectiveness.

The county department distributed $14.3 million to families in the federal fiscal year 2015-16 and in 2016 established a new mission: “Your Children, Our Priority: To improve the quality of life and create opportunities for children through establishing and enforcing child support.”

Services are available for those who have custody or guardianship of a minor child and need assistance with establishing paternity, a child support order or enforcing an existing support order. The county serves 3,900 children and families through the department, according to Christine Johnson, Child Support Services assistant director.