‘This is all of our worst fears come true’: Country stars react to deadly bus crash

On Thursday morning, the country music world woke up to news that a tour bus carrying members of singer Josh Turner’s road crew had crashed, killing one person and injuring seven more.

Country singers posted about their grief and love for Turner and his organization on social media.

Neal McCoy, who said he had experienced issues on his tour bus recently, mentioned the crash in his live Facebook video on Thursday morning.

“It all puts things into perspective a little bit ... Prayers for Josh Turner’s entire camp,” McCoy said. “A crew member is just as important (as the star), and bus drivers. It takes this whole thing to make these folks be able to run out here ... Prayers up for them.”

Ryan Hurd, another country singer, expressed his heartbreak at the news.

“This is all of our worst fears come true on the road,” Hurd tweeted. “Sending so much love to that road family this morning.”

The Grand Ole Opry also tweeted about the crash.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Josh Turner, his band, crew, and all of their families at this time,” the venerated institution tweeted. “We love you!”

Chad Jeffers, a guitarist for Carrie Underwood, posted to Facebook about David Turner, the man who was killed in the crash.

Turner, who worked as a monitor engineer for Josh Turner, was a 64-year-old resident of Oxford, Mississippi, according to the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal.

“You were a huge part of my music career in mentoring, guiding, inspiring and educating me on how ‘The Road’ works and the ‘ins and outs’ of live music,” Jeffers wrote. “You were truly a master in your craft. You were a true friend. Rest in peace DT (David Turner).”

In a comment on the post, Jeffers wrote that David Turner had run sound for Tammy Wynette and was a “veteran of the music business.”

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