California’s election is almost here. Here’s all you need to know

Learn how to cast your ballot in Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer or Yolo counties.

Enter your address into our voter guide and find out what you need to know about everything on your ballot.

Ballot measures

Trying to figure out those 11 statewide ballot measures? Watch short videos on each one to tell you what they do, how much they cost, who’s for them and who’s against them.

$700 a year? Less than $10 a month? We analyze how much California’s gas tax increase really costs you

Why California business leaders are fighting to save the gas tax increase

Fix California roads without the new gas taxes? Here’s what it would take

Both sides mislead on California rent control initiative

Strict rent control has been banned in California for 20 years. Now voters could resurrect it.

Will rent control kill California housing production? Not necessarily, data show

Governor’s race

Five things you need to know about John Cox

Five things you need to know about Gavin Newsom

Read about their debate

Gavin Newsom has big, liberal plans for California. So how would he pay for them?

If you think California is too expensive, John Cox says he’s your guy for governor

U.S. Senate race

‘Always backpedaling.’ De León tells Feinstein that Democrats need a ‘new way of thinking’

‘The world changes’: Dianne Feinstein explains her shifting stances

’Failure of leadership:’ De León slams Feinstein for holding back Kavanaugh allegations


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