Skip work and go surfing? California has given you an excuse: An official holiday

Catch a wave in Pismo Beach in this 360 video

Ride along with a surfer while taking in the 360-degree view of the summer waves in Pismo Beach.
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Ride along with a surfer while taking in the 360-degree view of the summer waves in Pismo Beach.

The state of California has officially given you permission to go on a “Surfin’ Safari” this year: A resolution recently passed by both the Assembly and the Senate declares Sept. 20 California Surfing Day.

The purpose of the holiday is to “celebrate the California surfing lifestyle,” and it “would commend those who honor the history, culture, and future of surfing,” according to the text of the resolution. The resolution says the holiday will also celebrate the sport and protecting the “beach and ocean environments.”

There’s no mention of getting the day off, so telling your boss you skipped work to celebrate California Surfing Day might not fly.

On Tuesday, officials and surfers convened at the Huntington Beach Pier to proclaim the day, according to the Orange County Register.

“Since surfing was brought to the California coast in the 19th century, the sport has transcended beyond the ocean to impact our language, music, fashion and art,” state Sen. Janet Nguyen said at the ceremony, according to the Orange County Register. “Surfing is a part of the social, economic and coastal fabric of our state.”

There are about 3.3 million surfers in the United States who spend between $1.9 and $3.3 billion every year on surf trips, according to the resolution. California’s beaches and coastal areas generate $1.5 trillion annually in economic activity.

This new holiday shouldn’t be confused with one that’s been around for over a decade: International Surfing Day.

California’s home to multiple surfing museums and nationally and internationally recognized surfing events, the resolution notes.

Additionally, the state has several “iconic surf breaks,” including Huntington Beach, Trestles and Rincon. And it’s not just coastal areas: the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch in Lemoore south of Fresno, just hosted its inaugural World Surf League’s Founders Cup of Surfing in May.

The World Surf League holds the inaugural Founders' Cup of Surfing contest at the WSL Surf Ranch On May 5-6, 2018, in Lemoore, California. First round action on the man-made wave was held Saturday afternoon.

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