California cops pin erratic, red-splashed car. But driver puts up a fight, video shows

A cop sidles away from the lurching convertible as the dashcam footage begins — and it only gets wilder from there, video shows.

Officers had just responded to reports of a suspicious parked vehicle about 8 a.m. Wednesday in Benicia, California, according to police.

But when one of the cops walks up to the silver Toyota Spyder, the person behind the wheel quickly starts the vehicle’s engine — and, ignoring the officers’ warnings and commands, begins backing up to make an escape, video shows.

The driver didn’t get away easily, though.

One of the squad cars starts driving forward after the silver convertible backs into a driveway, video shows. And before the convertible driver can speed out of the driveway and escape past the squad cars, the moving squad car manages to pin the fleeing convertible against another squad car — essentially trapping the suspicious vehicle, video shows.

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It might have ended there, but then the driver (concealing his or her face with a black article of clothing) manages to maneuver the car free of the squad-car sandwich. Once the driver can steer the vehicle again, the convertible whips around the squad car that had trapped it and speeds off, video shows.

Authorities are still on the hunt for the suspect, who Benicia police said was last spotted driving southbound on Interstate 680 in nearby Martinez, another East Bay city.

The convertible was streaked with a dripping red substance that authorities said could be paint. Its license plate had been reported stolen, police said.

Benicia police said the driver’s “erratic and dangerous” behavior in the car could have caused serious injuries to any number of innocent neighborhood residents — not to mention the officers themselves.

Anyone with information in the incident is encouraged to reach out to Benicia police.

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