Watch 1,500 dolphins frolic with baby humpback whale off California in aerial video

Hundreds of dolphins leap and play with a humpback whale calf in aerial footage captured by a drone during a recent whale-watching trip off Monterey, California.

The Monterey Bay Whale Watch video, shot May 14, shows up to 1,500 dolphins “snout-riding” the calf and its mother, according to a Facebook post.

The behavior, which may be the genesis of dolphins' “bow-riding” of ocean-going vessels, involves swimming and splashing near a whale’s head to induce it to lunge forward, making waves the dolphins can surf, according to Mother Nature Network.

"The dolphins seem to really enjoy this, and the whales aren't really bothered," Nancy Black, marine biologist at Monterey Bay Whale Watch, told The San Francisco Chronicle.

The whale-watching page on Facebook identified the dolphins as Pacific white-sided dolphins and northern right whale dolphins.

Humpback whales are currently migrating north from their winter breeding ground off Mexico.

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