True crime fans 'legit freaking out' over arrest of Golden State Killer suspect

As news of an arrest in the Golden State Killer case spread on Wednesday morning, the true-crime community came together on social media in excitement and anticipation over new information about the serial attacker, which comes mere weeks after the publication of “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark,” by Michelle McNamara.

“It’s been a very stressful/exciting/emotional evening for us all,” reads a tweet from My Favorite Murder, a popular true-crime podcast that discussed the case in their very first episode, and joined Patton Oswalt, along with “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark” collaborators Paul Haynes and Billy Jensen for a discussion of McNamara’s book in early April.

The tweet, which shows screenshots of a group text between hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark and their producer, Steven Ray Morris, shows them scrambling to decide if they should drive to Sacramento for a noon press conference with law enforcement and Oswalt. “I’m legit freaking out,” reads a text from Kilgariff. Another one reads, “Can you imagine- we get there, a cop talks for 10 minutes and then we’re stuck in Sacramento.”

My Favorite Murder is also coming to Sacramento for a sold-out show on Oct. 26.

Murderinos, as fans of My Favorite Murder are known, along with other true-crime fans, came together on Twitter and on Facebook to celebrate news of the arrest. “This is me….alone, because no one in my life is a murderino,” said Twitter user Jess Munson, along with a gif captioned “Victory Screech.”

“It would look weird to my middle school students if I started freakin out about this in class!” reads a tweet from Twitter user Expressly Lesley.

Actor Kumail Nanjiani also joined in the jubilation. “Three cheers for #MichelleMcNamara!” he tweeted.

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