Takken’s shoe store tweaks its name, brand

Takken’s Shoes is changing its name to takkens.
Takken’s Shoes is changing its name to takkens.

San Luis Obispo County-based Takken’s Shoes has announced a new name — takkens — as it updates its brand and logo and plans to open two new locations on the Central Coast.

The change is an effort to further establish the takkens name as a brand in its own right, said Travis Ford, marketing director. “We have a vision to make it look more professional and modern.”

He added that the change was made with a focus on customers outside San Luis Obispo County who are less familiar with the store’s family reputation. Takkens has 21 stores, all of which are in California. With the exception of the San Luis Obispo County stores, all of the locations are in malls.

The company sells comfort shoes, sandals, and Western, work and Ugg boots, among other types of footwear. It employs a staff of about 140.

Takkens’ name change appeared in the digital and marketing aspects of the business at the end of last year, Ford said. The company plans to update storefronts gradually as the shopping centers require refurbishments.

The company is also focusing on its social media platforms, working to create a more sophisticated online presence by engaging with customers on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Takkens has seen slight annual increases every year in sales, even during the recession, said Cris Takken, president and chief executive officer. He declined to disclose the company’s annual sales and profits. Takken owns the business with his brother, Marc Takken, and father, Robert Takken.

The company plans to open another takkens store in San Luis Obispo County, along with a location in Santa Barbara county, both around the middle of the year, Cris Takken said. He declined to say where specifically the stores would be located, saying only that he’d noticed an opportunity in nearby areas where another store would do well.

In August, the company moved its corporate offices to Templeton from San Luis Obispo. Cris Takken said that he thought the new 3,200-square-foot location at 72 South Main St. was a more intimate, relaxed environment.

Takkens opened in 1937 as H. Takken, a small shoe-repair shop in downtown San Luis Obispo.

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