Forget scoops — this new SLO spot serves ice cream in rolls

Rolld Ice Cream
Rolld Ice Cream

San Luis Obispo ice cream lovers can now enjoy their favorite treat in an entirely new form: spread thin and curled into rolls.

The locally owned Rolld ice cream shop, which owners hope will be the first of multiple branches, opened May 12 at 785A Marsh St. — a space formerly occupied by Subway sandwiches and Ubatuba Acai.

In April, one of the business' co-owners, Walker Sotello, said the ice cream experience will be as much a visual entertainment venture as a traditional over-the-counter sale.

"We will bring an entertainment aspect to create the ice cream in front of you," Sotello said. "It's a type of ice cream that actually originated in Thailand."

Sotello said that the process for making it involves using a liquid base, then taking toppings and mixing those into the liquid, which is then spread onto a frozen plate so thin that it freezes and can be cut and curled into rolls. They are then served in a cup.

Rolld offers organic and vegan flavors as part of its menu.

The business' other two co-owners, Jacob Zachmann and Xavi Fajardo, are both social media influencers who have access to a large audience and can help spread the word on their products easily, Sotello said.

"Social media is a huge part of our business," Sotello said. "Our ice cream will be picture-worthy, and we expect the photos to spread on social media all over SLO."

The owners chose the downtown location because of its proximity to a nearby parking garage and a new hotel across the street, as well as the Thursday night Farmers Market.

A shot of the tenant space for the incoming Rolld tenant shop. Nick Wilson

San Luis Obispo-based Andrew Goodwin Designs conducted the tenant upgrade work on the spot.

"Our model is to help businesses that are boutique, and this whole project is about leading that charge," Goodwin said. "There are a lot of businesses that have opened and closed in that spot. Our work is in the background, but it's really to assist and help to get their product to thrive."

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly spelled the name of co-owner Xavi Fajardo.

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