Fast food drive-thrus to remain banned in SLO

Fast food restaurant drive-thrus will stay banned in San Luis Obispo, after the City Council this week refused to ask staff to explore changing the 25-year-old prohibition.

Keith Handley, owner-operator of six McDonald’s in the county including two in SLO, appeared before the council Tuesday night to dispute the original intent of the drive-thru ban

In 1982, the council said it was to avoid litter and air pollution. But Handley said that research has been done since showing that stopping and starting cars can use more fuel than leaving them running for up to six minutes.

Councilmembers Paul Brown, Andrew Carter and Christine Mulholland said they couldn’t support changing the rules. Brown said the issue was not just about pollution, but getting people out of their cars to enjoy the city.

“I’m not interested in changing it. I think our citizens support this,” Carter said.

--Sally Connell

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