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Meet Strudel, Noodle, Doodle and Kaboodle

super cute caged kittens
Pet Tales
super cute caged kittens Pet Tales 6-24-10

‘When a litter of orphaned, 3-week-old tabby kittens came to the San Luis Obispo County Animal Shelter as strays, quick decisions had to be made because kittens that young will die without their mother. Fortunately, kitten season had just begun, and a foster family was available to care for them until they were old enough to eat on their own.

“Now Strudel, Noodle, Doodle and Kaboodle are healthy, cat-friendly, people-loving kittens looking for homes.

“This quartet — plus nearly 50 other kittens — will be available for adoption at the Kittenpalooza Adopt-A-Pet this Saturday on the front lawn of the animal shelter from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. All the kittens at the event will be spayed or neutered and ready to go home that day.

“To encourage adoptions of kittens, cats, dogs and puppies, Sandprints photographer Charlotte Rushton (who provides many of the Pet Tales photos) will be at Kittenpalooza from 2 to 4 p.m. taking photos of the pets with their new families. A free 5-by-7 print will be sent to families after the event. All families will also be entered to win gift cards from Lemos Feed & Pet Supply and Chateau Bow Wow.

“Littermates make great playmates, so the Kittenpalooza is a wonderful opportunity to take two kittens home. But whether you adopt just Kaboodle or the whole kit and kaboodle, any adoption will help make space for the abundance of kittens and cats that summer invariably delivers to the shelter.”

— Animal shelter volunteer Ellen Perryess

For more information about the kittens or the Kittenpalooza event, call the volunteer line at the San Luis Obispo County Animal Shelter at 781-4413 or visit

The Animal Services shelter is at 885 Oklahoma Ave., off Highway 1, in San Luis Obispo.

To see more shelter animals available for adoption, visit

The adoption fee is $70 for cats and $95 for dogs, plus a $15 county license fee for dogs if the adopters are San Luis Obispo County residents.

The adoption fee includes spay or neuter, basic vaccinations, microchip, eligibility for a free veterinarian check, new collar and ID tag, and carrier for cats.

Fundraiser Friday in SLO for Woods

The Travel Connection and Social Club is hosting a fundraiser for Woods Humane Society from 8 to 11 p.m. Friday, with live music by Maheyla and the Ritual.

The event at The Clubhouse at 740 Foothill Blvd. in San Luis Obispo will also feature dancing, a raffle and food.

The cover charge is $10.

For more information, call 548-8500.

Keep your animals cool in hot weather

• Never leave your dog in a parked car. It is against California law and could be punishable by a fine. Even cracking a window won’t protect pets.

• Avoid extreme heat. When temperatures are above 90 degrees, take pets inside. For outdoor pets, provide plenty of fresh, cold water in a tip-proof water dish and shade for them to cool down.

• Don’t exercise with pets when it is too hot. Older and certain long-haired dogs can be particularly susceptible to heat, and hot asphalt can burn their paws. Exercise in the early morning or evening.

• Use sunscreen. Pets with light skin can suffer painful burns. Use sunscreen on sensitive areas, such as the ears or nose.

SIGNS OF HEAT STRESS: Heavy panting, glazed eyes, a rapid pulse, unsteadiness, staggering gait, vomiting, or a deep red or purple tongue.

- The Sacramento Bee

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