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This playful puppy is nearly as tall as a miniature horse — and she needs a forever home

At 10 months old, Maple is still a puppy. She has that goofy expression and joyous, anything-is-possible mindset.

Even her ears are still trying to figure out what to do.

But since Maple is nearly as tall as a miniature horse and weighs more than most fourth-grade children, it’s hard to remember she’s still a puppy with all the same parenting needs of any youngster.

Maple is a mix of German shepherd and Great Dane.

She loves people and wants to please, but with an attention span of a kid at Legoland, she struggles with focus. Like that child, she’ll benefit from calm parenting and love.

There was a time when Maple was small enough to be held in your arms — so small that it was fun when she played chase with the kids and wonderful when she ecstatically bounded through the house with joy.

Unfortunately, people forget that the behaviors they allow in a puppy are almost assuredly the behaviors they will get — and possibly regret — when the puppy grows larger.

Maple has the potential to become an excellent adult dog. She enjoys the company of other dogs, she truly wants to please and she knows the commands “sit” and “down.”

Maple will excel in a dog-savvy household where expectations are clear, calm behavior is rewarded and there are positive outlets for her abundant energy.

Maple will blossom with a family who appreciates her enthusiasm for life and can provide her with the structure she needs to thrive.

For more information about Maple (ID No. 229534), call the volunteer line at the Animal Services shelter at 805-781-4413 or visit The shelter is located at 885 Oklahoma Ave., off Highway 1, in San Luis Obispo.

The full-price adoption fee is $81 for cats and $115 for dogs, plus a $28 county license fee for dogs, if the adopters are San Luis Obispo County residents.

The adoption fee includes a new collar, a spay or neuter operation, basic vaccinations, a microchip and eligibility for a free veterinary check within San Luis Obispo County. Cats also are tested for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and adopters receive a carrier.

Mika, an adult tortoiseshell cat, and her marmalade son, Junior, are available for adoption for the Homeless Animal Rescue Team shelter in Cambria. Marianne Selindh

HART cats of the month

The Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) in Cambria is having a very special adoption event throughout July. All month is focused on finding homes for several special cats, who have some special needs.

In some cases, the cat is simply a senior, or one that needs a quiet inside-only home with a patient family. Others may require routine administration of medications such as eye drops.

If you have room in your life and heart for a special cat, we invite you to visit the shelter to meet our adoptable “specials.” Adoption fees for all senior and special needs cats will be waived throughout the month of July.

Two very special cats — and HART’s July Cats of the Month — are a bonded pair named Mika and Junior.

Mika has gorgeous tortoiseshell markings and is very friendly and affectionate. She loves visitors and will play with you and get all of the pets and cuddles you can give.

Gifted with gorgeous yellow-green eyes that follow your every move, Mika also has an incredible orange-black nose and light whiskers that flutter against your hands every time you bend down to pet her round face.

Mika is outgoing, inquisitive and caring, which makes a great combination when it comes to a feline companion.

Mika is bonded to her son Junior, a gorgeous marmalade kitty. A creamsicle with striking orange and white features and the same round eyes as his mom, Junior is more on the quiet side, but is just as loving and sweet.

It won’t take long for Junior to open up and treat you to his affectionate head-butts, stare lovingly into your eyes, and snuggle up close to you and purr the night away.

When he opens up to you, the rest of the world melts away and the only thing you can see are his transfixing eyes.

Both Mika and Junior have feline leukemia, a virus that suppresses the immune system and can only be transmitted to cats, so they likely need to be the only kitties in your home.

Otherwise, they are healthy, but they often get overlooked because of their FeLV status.

As indoor-only kitties, Mika and Junior can live long and happy lives.

They’re currently in a loving foster home while waiting for their forever home full of adventure, cuddles and purrs.

If you have room in your heart and home for these special kitties, they are going to be an incredible addition to your family. And if you know of someone who can give Mika and Junior all the love they need, pass this article along.

HART is a cage-free, no-kill shelter located in lovely downtown Cambria. We love what we do.

Come on by to meet Mika and Junior and all of our other available cats and kittens at 2638 Main Street in Cambria. The shelter is open Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.

For more information, call 805-927-7377, visit and follow HART on Facebook and Instagram at @HARTCambria.