Pet Tales

Friendly Tony the cat is homeless. He longs for a loving family

This week, San Luis Obispo County Animal Services’ volunteer Ellen Perryess shares the story of Tony.

Like many adventurous lives, it’s much more pleasurable to read the story than to live it.

This is true for a surprising number of outdoor cats. Beyond the danger of cars and predators, there’s the threat of tougher cats.

There’s also the possibility no one will realize you’re not on an adventure of your own choosing, but rather have been abandoned by your family.

Tony arrived at the shelter as a stray and it’s clear from his friendly disposition and love of kitty treats that he once was someone’s pet. Sadly, some months ago, a disruption in that life occurred and it appears Tony has been walking the rough path of the homeless ever since.

When he arrived at the shelter, this big, 2-year-old tabby-and-white cat with medium-length fur was in need of medical care. Since then his wounds — some probably from territorial tom cats — have been treated and have healed, though the damage to his right eye is permanent. Thankfully, even though he tends to squint, he still has sight in this eye.

Shelter volunteers believe Tony is a gem who deserves to be a much-loved family cat, though they realize Tony’s squint may make it hard for him to find a home. To help, he’s now a Volunteers’ Pick, with half his adoption fee already paid.

Tony longs for a loving family who appreciates a sensitive soul who — after a long and arduous adventure — is looking for a happily-ever-after life.

For more information about Tony (ID No. 227102), call the volunteer line at the Animal Services shelter at 805-781-4413 or visit The shelter is located at 885 Oklahoma Ave., off Highway 1, in San Luis Obispo.

The full-price adoption fee is $81 for cats and $115 for dogs, plus a $28 county license fee for dogs, if the adopters are San Luis Obispo County residents.

The adoption fee includes a new collar, a spay or neuter operation, basic vaccinations, a microchip and eligibility for a free veterinary check within San Luis Obispo County. Cats also are tested for feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), and adopters receive a carrier.

Alonzo is a special needs kitty who is available for adoption at the Homeless Animal Rescue Team shelter in Cambria. For more information, call 805-927-7377. Marianna Selindh

HART’s October cat of the month

Alonzo is a very active and energetic one-and-a-half-year-old cat who loves to play and wrestle with his current foster housemates. He also likes to cuddle when the mood strikes him. If it wasn’t for his stylish Speedo, you wouldn’t know that he is a special needs kitty.

When Alonzo was only a few weeks old, he was found near a construction work site. He was brought to the Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) in Cambria by a concerned construction worker. HART soon discovered that Alonzo had a spinal injury that affected his back legs and prevented him from exerting conscious bladder and bowel control.

Following veterinary advice, a variety of medical treatments have been explored to help Alonzo, including acupuncture treatment and stem cell therapy. But none of the treatments have fixed his bladder and bowel condition. Three times a day, Alonzo calmly accepts manual bladder expressions and he is comfortable wearing diapers.

HART is trying to find Alonzo a permanent home with people willing to help him with his special needs.

If you might be that special person, please call HART to learn more and set up a time to meet this handsome guy in person. The adoption fee for Alonzo is being waived.

HART’s medical director can provide lessons on how to express Alonzo’s bladder.

HART is open from noon to 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, and is located at 2638 Main St. in Cambria. Call 805-927-7377 or visit and for more information.

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